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Top 7 Best Places to Visit in USA for 2019

7. Los Angeles The second-largest city in the USA, Los Angeles is located in southern California surrounded by the Pacific Coast, mountains and valleys. Often regarded as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, LA is awash with celebrity culture. You can see the handprints of film stars on Hollywood Boulevard or go on a tour to see stars’ …


9 Top Tourist Attractions in Helsinki

9. Kiasma Museum flickr/JenniKate Wallace The Kiasma Museum certainly lives up to its mission as a place to showcase the best Finnish contemporary art. This mission starts with the building itself, a controversial unusual shaped structure designed by an America whose vision beat out 515 competitors in 1993. The Kiasma Museum, located near Parliament in downtown …


6 Top Tourist Attractions in Panama City

Nicknamed the Miami of the South, Panama City features an ever growing skyline of highrise buildings situated in a tropical setting. There may be less beaches here than in Miami (and more English speakers as the residents often joke) but Panama City has plenty to offer as one of Central America’s most historic and cosmopolitan …


8 Best Beaches in Colombia

The coastline of Colombia encompasses both the vast depths of the Pacific Ocean and the tropical warmth of the Caribbean Sea, and it boasts some of the most incredibly beautiful beaches in the world. From beachy bays backed by dry deserts, lush jungles and tropical tundra, there is something spine-tinglingly special about spending time relaxing in paradise …


10 Best Places to Visit in Belgium

Traveling in Belgium brings forth images of medieval rooftops, lovely canals, tasty beer, and even more indulgent chocolates. However, there is much for one to see in this remarkable European country, where time seems to move at a slower pace and the people are friendly and welcoming to tourists. From modern cities boasting designer shops …

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