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Top 7 Best Luxury Hotels in the World 2019

Traveling is a wonderful way to refuel energy and to explore new cultures. If you love to do it in a classy way, then staying in a luxurious five-star hotel is the best choice. Some hotels are like heaven on earth with ‘out of this world’ facilities, situated at great locations. Here are the top 12 most …


Top 7 Best 5-Star in Qatar 2019

7. W Doha Hotel & Residences | Qatar The W Doha Hotel is a great property, much more in line with the Ws of Asia than the US. It’s gorgeous, with friendly staff, and they treat Platinums well. The W Doha Hotel is a great property, much more in line with the Ws of Asia …


7 Best Places to Stay in Moscow

Moscow isn’t all soldiers marching in goose step or austere Stalinist buildings. It’s also not all covert agents lurking in dark alleys – Moscow is, after all, the setting for many spy novels. One of the great capitals of the world, Moscow boasts many outstanding attractions, from St. Basil’s Cathedral to the Kremlin and Red …


8 Most Amazing Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland has some pretty amazing mountains. In fact, the scenery is mind-blowing just about anywhere in the country. Switzerland also has some pretty amazing hotels where you can take advantage of the views. Your choice of accommodations could boil down to which mountain or lake you want to see. 8. Whitepod Hotel When you’re a guest at the …


Top 5 Best Hotels in Venice 2019

When you think of Venice, you probably think of riding in romantic gondolas down the canals of the city. That is a fair impression, and it accounts for the primary reason why this capital city from Italy’s Veneto region draws tourists from across the globe. It is quite possibly one of the most romantic getaways …


The 7 Best Hotels In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has some seriously slick hotels – from a new generation of modern, hip hotels to the historic places that Hollywood legends have been staying at for decades. The traffic really is as bad as everyone says it is, so figure out which neighbourhood you want to base yourself and plan your trip from there. …

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